The adjudicative function is vested in the Commission and as per section 18 of the Act the Commission is duty bound to prepare and publish its decisions together with the reasons for such decisions.

List of decisions of the Competition Commission

Decision date Ref Title Nature
163356480007-Oct-2021 INV 031 Investigation into potential collusive agreements by members of the Association of Private Health Plans Administrators Collusive Agreement
161844480015-Apr-2021 INV 048 Potential acquisition of a majority stake in Medine Distillery Company Ltd by New Goodwill Investment Company Ltd. Merger
160608960023-Nov-2020 INV 043 Exclusive sales and purchase agreement between Thermal Valorisation Company Limited and Lafarge (Mauritius) Cement Ltd for treated fly ash Abuse of Monopoly
159373440003-Jul-2020 INV 051 Proposed acquisition of the General Construction Company Ltd by IBL Ltd Merger
158466240020-Mar-2020 INV 040 Investigation into advertising for real estates Abuse of Monopoly
158466240020-Mar-2020 INV 038 Potential collusive agreements by the Association of Freight Forwarders (APT) Collusive Agreement
158466240020-Mar-2020 INV 039 Potential collusive agreements by members of the Customs House Brokers Association (CHBA) Collusive Agreement
157524480002-Dec-2019 INV 045 Potential Fixing of Card Service Fee by the Petrol Retailers Association Collusive Agreement
157524480002-Dec-2019 INV 026 Possible collusive agreement by ‘Komité Van Lekol’ for the supply of the service of ‘contract bus for the conveyance of students’ Collusive Agreement
157524480002-Dec-2019 INV033 Bid Rigging Agreement for the supply, testing and commissioning of an integrated security system for the Moka Detention Centre Collusive Agreement
156072960017-Jun-2019 INV 047 Acquisition of 30% shares in Medscheme (Mtius) Ltd by Eagle Insurance Ltd Merger
156047040014-Jun-2019 INV 020 Payment C​ards Abuse of Monopoly
154457280012-Dec-2018 INV 042 Resale Price Maintenance Collusive Agreement
154033920024-Oct-2018 INV 046 Proposed takeover of activities of Shoprite (Mauritius) Ltd by Pick and Buy Ltd Merger
152228160029-Mar-2018 INV 029 Investigation into cross-border money transfer services Abuse of Monopoly
149264640020-Apr-2017 INV 021 Investigation into possible restrictive business practices in the chicken industry in Mauritius Collusive Agreement
149264640020-Apr-2017 INV 035 Hire Purchase Abuse of Monopoly
148962240016-Mar-2017 INV 025 Potential Resale Price Maintenance in relation to ‘Chantecler’ branded chickens​​ Collusive Agreement
143268480027-May-2015 INV 028 Proposed Merger of Holcim Ltd and Lafarge SA​ Merger
142058880007-Jan-2015 INV 024 Investigation into image-based clearing solutions provided to commercial banks Abuse of Monopoly
140866560022-Aug-2014 INV 027 Investigation into potential collusive agreement in relation to the manufacture and supply of beer in Mauritius Collusive Agreement
139769280017-Apr-2014 INV 016 Alleged abuse of monopoly power in the supply of secondary school books Abuse of Monopoly
138870720003-Jan-2014 INV 014 Investigation into the supply of replacement automatic electronic ignition keys and related synchronizing services by distributors of new car​s. Abuse of Monopoly
136728000030-Apr-2013 INV 019 Investigation into supply of coolers to retailers by Phoenix Beverages Ltd and Quality Beverages Ltd Abuse of Monopoly
135207360005-Nov-2012 INV 007 Bundling of insurance products and credit in the banking sector Abuse of Monopoly
135120960026-Oct-2012 INV 012 Market for Telecommunications manhole covers Abuse of Monopoly
135120960026-Oct-2012 INV 009 MyT and bundled internet access Abuse of Monopoly
132995520023-Feb-2012 INV 013 Proposed merger of the insurance businesses of Swan Group and Rogers Group Merger
131595840014-Sep-2011 INV 003 Importation of slaughter cattle in Mauritius Collusive Agreement
131544000008-Sep-2011 INV 011 Commingling of Pools Automatic Systems Ltd and Globalsports Ltd Collusive Agreement
130973760004-Jul-2011 INV 008 Merger review of Event strategy Ltd & LC Events Co Ltd Merger
130489920009-May-2011 INV 006 Possible collusion in the market for secondary school books Collusive Agreement
128692800013-Oct-2010 INV 004 Travel agent service fees Collusive Agreement
128399040009-Sep-2010 INV 001 Kraft and General Rebates Abuse of Monopoly