Section 30 (e) of the Act requires the Executive Director to publish the reasoned decisions of the Commission once the latter has made a determination.

The documents published are non-confidential versions

INV 042 Resale Price Maintenance

​​INV042/RPM/001 – Shoprite (Mauritius) Limited

INV042/RPM/002- Intermart (Mtius) Ltd​

INV042/RPM/003 – All Good Ltd

INV042/RPM/004 – Seven Seven Co Ltd

INV042/RPM/005 – M Bachoo & Co Ltd

INV042/RPM/006 – Sik Yuen Ltd

INV042/RPM/007 – Compagnie des Magasins Populaires Ltee

INV042/RPM/008/01 – Review of Chan Kown Chin & Co. Ltd RPM Amnesty Application

INV042/RPM/008/02 – Review of Discounters Supermarket Co Ltd RPM Amnesty Application​

INV042/RPM/008/03 – Review of Simla Supermarket Co Ltd RPM Amnesty Application

INV042/RPM/008/04 – Review of Tang Wai & Co Ltd RPM Amnesty Application

INV042/RPM/008/05 – Review of Super Unic Co Ltd RPM Amnesty Application.

INV042/RPM/008/06 – London Supermarket Ltd

INV042/RPM/008/07 – Societe Kan Wah & Cie

INV042/RPM/008/08 – London Regent & Co Ltd

INV042/RPM/008/09 – London Distribution Co Ltd

INV042/RPM/008/10 – London Distribution Mahebourg Co Ltd​

INV042/RPM/008/11 – Way Guild (Mtius) Ltd

INV042/RPM/009 – Cosmebelle Maurice Ltee

INV042/RPM/010 – Innodis Ltd

INV042/RPM/011 – Pick and Buy Ltd

INV042/RPM/012 – Linxia Ltd

INV042/RPM/015 – Lafarge (Mauritius) Cement Ltd

INV042/RPM/018 – SHAH JAHAN Co Ltd

INV042/RPM/020 – Margarine Industries Co Ltd​

INV042/RPM/022 – Doggeesnaxx Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/023 – Friedelsheim Ltd and Helios Distribution Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/024 – Globe Printing.pdf

INV042/RPM/025 – Scott and co Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/026 – Archemics Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/028 – Mauvilac Industries Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/029 – DistriPC Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/031 – Leal and Co Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/032 – Fine Foods Marketing Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/034 – M Savers Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/036- Gourmet Foods Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/037- Tea Blenders Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/038- L’Exil Limitée.pdf

INV042/RPM/039 – Osman Publishing Ltd.pdf

INV 042 RPM 040- La Trobe Co Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/041 – The Brandhouse Ltd.pdf

INV/042/RPM/042 – Panagora Marketing Co Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/043 – Somags Ltée.pdf

INV042/RPM/044 – King Savers Ltd, Goodhands Co. Ltd and Three Kings Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/046- Société Desvaux de Marigny and Cie Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/047- International Press and Book Distributors Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/048 – Medical Trading Co Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/049 – IBL Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/050 – MSJ LTD [Unicorn].pdf

INV042/RPM/051 – Marques et Beauté Mauritius Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/052 – Golden Grains Enterprise Ltd.pdf

INV 042 RPM 053 – Hemraj Ghina and Sons Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/054 – Li Wan Po and Compagnie Limitée.pdf

INV042/RPM/054a – Li Wan PO et Compagnie Limitee.pdf

INV042/RPM/055 – Acrux Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/056 – Socimed Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/057 – Scott Health Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/058 – SozaHealth Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/060 – The Mauritius Pharmacy (Seegobin) Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/061 – Edendale Distributors Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/062 – Inas and Co Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/063 – Inicia Ltée.pdf

INV042/RPM/064 – Cernol Marketing Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/065 – Grays Inc Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/066 – Dry Mix Products Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/067- Phoenix Beverages Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/068 – IBL Ltd-BrandActiv.pdf

INV042/RPM/070 – Grandes Surfaces Reunies Ltée (GSR Ltee).pdf

INV042/RPM/071 – D.A.J Co Ltd.pdf

INV042/RPM/016 – Topodom Distribution Ltée

INV042/RPM/017 – Tridem Marketing Ltd

INV042/RPM/021 – Mauritius Oil Refineries Ltd

INV042/RPM/013 – Fast Foods Limited

INV 042/RPM/019 – Ramdenee Edible Oil Ltd (REOP)

INV 042/RPM/059 – Pharmacie Nouvelle Ltd

INV042/RPM/069 – Udis Ltee