Include, if possible, details of the business or businesses involved, products or services involved, nature of the behaviour that may be a breach of the Competition Act, dates during which this behaviour has been observed, whether any action has already been taken by affected parties

If you wish to submit any documents with your complaint, please upload them here.

What does this mean?
Request for anonymity implies that the name and details of the complainant shall not appear in the Register of Complaints but “Anonymity Requested” would be written in the Complainant’s column. However, the nature of the complaint made would be spelt out in the said register.

What does this mean?
Request for confidentiality implies that there shall be no detail of the complaint made in the Register of Complaints. Every column in the said register would be blocked out as “Confidentiality Requested”.

Notwithstanding any claims of anonymity and/or confidentiality, complainants are encouraged to provide the Competition Commission with at least one contact details, for the purposes of proper administrative follow up of complaints. The Competition Commission will endeavor to maintain confidentiality as far as practicably reasonable.