As Co-Chair of the African Competition Forum, the Competition Commission has had the priviledge of hosting the 4th ACF/SADC Cartels Workshop on 07th and 08th Oct. 2019 at the Voila Hotel, Bagatelle.

Regrouping participants from a dozen competition agencies including the COMESA Competition Commission, the Cartels Workshop provided the opportune forum for enforcers to discuss their anti-cartel enforcement experiences as well as latest share updates on cartel  detection tools.

As part of their capacity-building exercise, our enforcers also benefitted from intellectually-stimulating exchanges with accomplished competition experts Prof. Richard Whish,  Emeritus Professor of Law at King’s College London, and Ms Anne Riley, independent antitrust compliance consultant.


Recent cartel enforcement in the EU and UK, Emeritus Professor Richard Whish, QC (Hon)

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